Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Zodiac Horse

One of the four horsemen, know as Pestilence was know for spreading plague and disease thorough out the word. But he wasn't always know as one of  Four horsemen. Before the breaking of one of the seven seals, he was a doctor know as Artabanus.
After his wife passed away he dedicated his life to helping everyone he can to prevent people having to say goodbye to his loved ones. He lived in a small village and was loved by all for his incredible medical knowledge. He would use his horse to to carry his medical supplies while traveling to the far ends of the city. It was a simple life but he enjoyed it.Until one day he was approached by a man and wife and informed him of their small boy who became gravely ill. The boys parents pleaded and demanded that Artabanus helps there child. Artabanus agreed and went to where the boy was.was. Artabanus did what he could to try and save the boy, but to no avail, The boy passed away the following night from his illness. His parents where in raged  when their son passed away and insisted that Artabanus had poisoned their boy rather then trying to cure him. Artabanus was disgusted that they would even think he would harm a child, but Word spread quickly of Artabanus supposed murder. The villagers formed a mob and he was ran out of village. Now a broken man with nothing but his horse, He cursed the very people he worked so hard to save throughout his life. Many years after the insadet his mind slowly became twisted and clouded wishing only to cause pain and suffering to all the residents of the village and the rest mankind as well. When the first seal was broken he got his wish. He was transformed by his rage into the fist horsemen of the Apocalypse, know as pestilence. Artabanus, know know as pestilence, sought out the very village that shunned him so many years ago to make an example of them.